Students of IOBM take charge to clean Karachi Beach to support Dettol’s Hoga Saaf Pakistan Movement


Dettol, the leading brand on cleanliness and hygiene, has launched a Cleanathon Challenge for institutes and organizations under its campaign, Hoga Saaf Pakistan, to inculcate hygienic behaviors and responsibility towards environment. Students of IOBM have now stepped up and joined the movement by taking the challenge to clean the Clifton Beach.

Talking about this cleanathon challenge, Kashan Hasan, CEO Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan Limited (RBPL), makers of Dettol, said, “It’s refreshing to see the zeal and enthusiasm these students have to clean their environment, that too on a weekend. Dettol, a trusted household name when it comes to hygiene, has taken the responsibility to lead a hygiene revolution in the country through Hoga Saaf Pakistan movement. This cleanathon challenge is a reminder to Pakistan that if these students can do it, so can we. So lets collectively stand together to bring this change for a prosperous future of this nation. Kyunke Mil Ke Lagaenge Jaan Toh Hoga Saaf Pakistan.”

The Government of Pakistan estimates that Pakistan’s urban population of 207 million citizens generates 87,000 tons of solid waste per day, according to reports by the International Trade Administration. Karachi, Pakistan’s metropolitan hub, alone contributes to 13,500 tons of municipal waste daily. With no proper waste management channel, most of this garbage is incinerated or left to rot in the middle of the city and eventually ends up at the beach. This is one of the significant reasons for diseases spreading at a strikingly fast rate in the country.

The students collected more than 50kgs of litter in this cleanliness drive at the beach. IoBM is the second university in Karachi to take up this challenge and challenges others to follow suit.

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