Abdullah Qureshi drops New Single “BaatAdhuri” on Valentine’s Day


Singer and song-writer Abdullah Qureshi has dropped a romantic new love tune on Valentine’s Day titled “BaatAdhuri”, accompanied by a heartfelt music video.

Composed and written by the versatile singer himself, the music video has been directed by Saad Hashmi and produced by Musa Javaid and Waqas Naeem.  Apart from the grand orchestral sound and pulsating beat, this Valentine’s Day special song will touch your hearts with its lyrics. The track encapsulates the journey of an unsuccessful love story, about a boy who loves a girl, proposes her, but doesn’t get an answer, hence leaving the “BaatAdhuri.”

Talking about the release of this new single, the singer said, “BaatAdhuri is the perfect fit for this Valentine’s Day as it underlines the feeling of going through unrequited love- something most people can relate to.”

The song has been released on all media platforms and marks as the first single release from the singer in 2020.

Abdullah Qureshi gained popularity when he started out playing for underground rock and metal bands in Islamabad, and eventually started his own YouTube channel. He has some hit singles to his name, including ‘Kali Santro,’ ‘Laapata,’ ‘Awaz Do,’ ‘Daastan,’ and more.

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